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Our attention to detail is what differentiates our company. When our clients say,



we know we are ensuring the longevity and success of our team.

“They cleaned things I didn’t even

know needed cleaning,” 

Commercial Cleaning Services - Salt Lake City
Home Cleaning Services - Salt Lake City
Home Cleaning Services - Salt Lake City
Commercial Cleaning Services - Salt Lake City
Relocation Services - Salt Lake City

We use top brand as well as Aromatherapy natural cleaning products depending on your needs and requests.


How it works...

Give us a call or fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form. 

We will contact you and set up a FREE WALK THROUGH of your home or business with our manager Sandra. She will fill out our intake form thoroughly with you and make sure all your requests are met. You will receive a copy when completed. 

Sandra will go over price and payment as well as your desired cleaning schedule and customized services until you are satisfied. No hidden fees. No unmet expectations. 

Learn about our personalized cleaning plans


...more questions?

How will AEC access my home or business?

However you would like. We will safely store and use an extra key or pin code, or simply come to the building when  you will be there. 

What cleaning supplies does AEC use? 

We use both top brand cleaners as well as natural aromatherapy. If you would like us to use your own or specific supplies, please specify in the walk-through with Sandra.

Do I have to set up a recurring schedule or can I request just a one time clean?

You can definitely set up a one time clean, however we suggest a schedule to maintain the cleanliness of your home or business. 

How can I pay for the cleaning?

We accept all types of payment, including credit, debit, cash, and check.

How will I be charged?

Cleanings are charged by the time it takes to complete and how many cleaners are assigned. The walk-through with Sandra will be clear in establishing a balance between your desired cost and depth of clean. 



For a quicker estimate, please fill out our more in-depth form located on the residential or commercial cleaning pages

Once you have submitted your information, our team will contact you promptly. If you have any questions, give us a call!  801.654.1636

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